Power-Pole “Move” Trolling Motor


Power-Pole , a name synonymous with its cutting-edge, push-button controlled transom-mount shallow-water anchors, introduces its two latest innovations in electric trolling motors. Flaunting whisper-quiet operation, top-tier efficiency, built-in GPS navigation, wireless controls, virtual anchoring, and a plethora of other features, the Move series is set to redefine your boating experience.

Mercury 500R; Next Level Outboards

The Mercury 500r outboard; 500hp V8 motor that was meticulously engineered for uncompromising owners of high-performance luxury sport boats.

OXE Hybrid 450, First of its kind


Introducing the OXE Hybrid 450, the first of its kind – a diesel-electric hybrid outboard motor that’s paving the way for a new era in marine technology. Combining high performance, fuel efficiency, and the possibility of completely emission-free operation, the OXE Hybrid 450 signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable future in boating

Sharrow Propeller Marine Tech Game Changer


Unveiling the Sharrow Propeller™ – a revolutionary propeller that promises to redefine your boating experience. Dive into the secrets behind its innovative design, the significant performance benefits it offers, and explore how you can enhance your next boat purchase at Black Label Marine Group with this groundbreaking technology

Rotax S150 Outboard… possibly “Underboard”?


Say hello to the Rotax S150 from BRP. It’s a discreet outboard powerhouse, neatly tucked away below your boat’s extended swim platform. No more transom obstruction. You get all the power of an outboard without the eyesore. Housed within a watertight case, this horizontally orientated powerhead, packs a punch. Now, isn’t that something?

Understanding Marine GPS


Set sail with confidence and accuracy using marine GPS technology. This versatile tool helps you navigate the seas safely and efficiently.

Mercury V12 Outboard: Gamechanger.


The groundbreaking Mercury V12 outboard engine offers numerous benefits, from its impressive torque and speed to its fuel-saving capabilities.

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