Caymas 281HB
Ultimate Performance Luxury Blend


Overview of the Caymas 281HB

The Caymas 281HB, a brainchild of Caymas Boats, presents an unmatched combination of luxury and performance. Founded in 2018 in Ashland City, Tennessee, Caymas Boats has rapidly gained recognition for its high-quality custom fiberglass fishing boats, suitable for both fresh and saltwater. The 281HB, part of their Hybrid Boat line, seamlessly blends the attributes of a bay boat with the robustness of a center-console, making it a versatile choice for both offshore and inshore water adventures.

Available Caymas Colors

Caymas Available Color Choices 2024

Design and Construction

The Caymas 281HB, with its Michael Peters-designed Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel Hull (SVVT), is more than just a marvel of engineering. It’s also a sight to behold, thanks to an array of stunning color options. Whether cruising the coast or anchored at the marina, this boat is a head-turner. My personal favorite is the [insert favorite color combo], which never fails to draw admiring glances and compliments. The vibrant colors, paired with the sleek design, make the 281HB not just a boat, but a statement. Below is a graphic showcasing all the eye-catching color options available, each designed to enhance the boat’s aesthetic appeal while maintaining its sophisticated look.


Drone photo of 2023 Caymas 281HB for sale

Performance and Handling

When it comes to performance, the Caymas 281HB offers an array of engine options to suit different preferences and needs. Alongside the standard Dual 250’s setup, other notable options include the Twin Mercury 300 V-8 Verado in both Black and Cold Fusion colors. For those seeking a more unique setup, the Single Mercury Racing 400R V-10 Verado offers an exceptional balance of power and grace, especially with the included Bob’s 4″ hydraulic jackplate. This variety, including options from both Yamaha and Mercury Racing motors, ensures that there’s a perfect match for every boater. Personally, I lean towards the Twin Mercury Racing 300R for its blend of power and efficiency, but the array of choices, including single motor configurations, means there’s no wrong decision.

caymas 281hb with single yamaha 425

Onboard Amenities and Features

The 281HB not only extends its length to 27’11” compared to the previous 27’7” model but also upgrades its amenities for enhanced comfort and convenience. One significant improvement is the pump-out head, a more user-friendly and cleaner solution than traditional marine heads. This feature, along with other refinements like increased boat length, contributes to the 281HB’s superiority over its predecessors. These enhancements underscore Caymas’s commitment to evolving and improving their boats, ensuring that each new model exceeds the expectations set by the last.

Fishing Capabilities

The 281HB is a fishing enthusiast’s paradise. Beyond the basic features, it offers specialized options like additional rod holders, customizable bait wells, and cutting-edge sonar technology. The boat is designed to accommodate a variety of fishing styles and techniques, making it an ideal choice for both casual anglers and tournament competitors. The attention to detail in the design of its fishing features makes the 281HB not just a means to an end but a key player in the angling experience.

caymas 281 hb twin mercury 300 outboards

Electronics and Navigation

For the tech-savvy boater, the 281HB can be equipped with the latest in marine electronics. This includes top-tier multi-function displays from Simrad or Garmin, offering unparalleled navigational ease and fish-finding accuracy. Additionally, as an authorized dealer and installer, Black Label Marine Group recommends the Power Pole Move trolling motor. Although not a standard option, this brushless trolling motor is the ideal choice for precise boat positioning and silent operation, crucial for successful fishing excursions.

Comparative Analysis

When comparing the 281HB to its siblings, the 28HB and the 26HB, it’s clear that the 281HB stands a notch above. While all models share the Caymas hallmark of quality, the 281HB’s extended length, upgraded features like the pump-out head, and its array of customizable options make it the premier choice for those who seek the best. Although it comes with a higher price tag, the value and experience it offers justify the investment, making it the obvious choice for discerning boaters.

FAQ Section

  1. What is the hull design of the Caymas 281HB?
    The Caymas 281HB features a patented Michael Peters double Stepped-Vee Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull for speed, fuel efficiency, and a dry ride.

  2. What materials are used in the construction of a Caymas 281HB?
    It includes 100% composite construction with a Tri-Core composite transom, high-performance construction, zero-flex fully foamed stringer grid system, and premium gelcoat with UV inhibitors.

  1. What engine options are available for the Caymas 281HB?
    Due to the weight of the twin livewells, a new feature of the 281 vs the 28hb, the Caymas 281HB can only be rigged with Mercury Marine 300’s in twin configuration. Other configurations, including single yamaha and suzuki motors are available, see caymasboats.com for additional information.

  2. Additional Motor Configurations:
    – Mercury 300 4S Black
    – Mercury 300 4S Cold Fusion
    – Mercury 300 V-8 Verado Cold Fusion
    – Mercury 350 Verado Cold Fusion
    – Mercury 400 Verado Cold Fusion
    – Yamaha 300 4S Grey
    – Yamaha 300 4S White
    – Suzuki 300 White
    – Suzuki 350 White

  3. What are the most popular features and options for the Caymas 281HB?
    The boat offers U-shaped bow seating, center-line flip-up stern seating, a high freeboard, deep gunnels, a premium stereo system, and a electric pump out head in the console area.

  4. What are the boat’s fishing capabilities?
    It includes features like a 35-gallon starboard-side transom livewell, large fish box with macerator pump, and ample storage compartments for tackle and gear.

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