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Big Boyz Toyz 2024 – Port Charlotte

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big boyz toyz expo 2024

Announcing the Big Boy Toyz Expo 2024!

Charlotte County Fairgrounds

Friday Feb 16 – Feb 18th 2023

For Advance Ticket Sales: Click HERE


Get ready for the largest Country Music Festival in South West Florida folks!!!


Your Friday night HEADLINER is Drake Milligan!!!


Tons of vendors, Food Trucks, Boats, Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, RVs, ATVs and so much more!!!

See you there


Concert Gates open Friday, 16th, 6 PM

Jam Fest General admission can bring lawn chairs, no outside coolers or food. VIP Tables and PIT access are available and will go very fast!

Let’s Kick it off with the Region’s Biggest Country Jam Fest!

Friday Feb 16th LINE UP!!!!

Tobacco Band
American Made
Drake Milligan “Live”


A portion of profits goes to support the Gary Sinise Foundation. Support all those that have made our lives better!!

Just a few bits of information regarding the Big Boy Toyz Expo 2024


Jam Fest General Admission: you’re welcome to bring lawn chairs, please no large umbrellas, or blankets! You’re welcome to bring a beach towel to sit on as well


Jam Fest Single VIP/PIT: There will be a limited amount of chairs available, but all PIT areas are standing room only close to the stage!


***Pocket Knives*** Please leave them at home!


Purses: Small purse is acceptable, No backpacks!


VIP table purchasers: We will be posted up at the Fairgrounds beginning Feb 16th to hand out wristbands for Friday night’s Jam Fest!! Or you can reach out to us. The company sponsor or person who purchased the table will have their name on the table!!


You are welcome to roam throughout VIP and the PIT area! There will be tons of vendors at the festival, and you may even find the deal of the century! Boats, Trucks, RVs, ATVs, Apparel Companies, Tractors, Trailers, Lawn Equipment, Classic Cars, Sports Cars, and so much more.


Food Trucks: There will be several different options available, so come hungry!! Beverages: Leroy’s Southern Kitchen-Bar will be mixing up some of the best drinks available, so come thirsty!! We can’t thank everyone enough for their support!


If you haven’t told someone about this Jam Fest & Expo give it a SHARE!!! Let’s blow this up folks!!!


Let’s Follow it up with the Region’s Largest

Big Boy Products Presentation!

Stick Around or come back for the full Weekend Expo!!!


The largest Multifaceted Expo Show in the Southeast United States with something for everyone! Boats, Trucks, RVs, ATVs, Apparel Companies, Tractors, Trailers, Lawn Equipment, Classic Cars, Exotic Cars, Jeeps, Heavy Equipment, Food Trucks, Vendors and so much more.


Gate admission is 7.00 with kids under 5 years old free. No coolers, or outside food or drinks.


See you there

Gates open Friday, Feb 16th, 9 AM-5 PM
Gates open Saturday, Feb 17th, 9 AM-6 PM
Gates open Sunday, Feb 18th, 10 AM-4 PM

The Largest Event Production Company in SW Florida, Bringing Entertainment’s Largest Attractions to Charlotte County!

Big Boy Toyz Expos’ events provide a unique opportunity to experience a range of music styles, from rock to country and more.

Neighborhood social activities can have a hugely positive impact on local businesses and the surrounding communities. Supporting local businesses through buying locally sourced products and services also helps to support jobs in the community, as well as keep money circulating within your neighborhood. With an increased number of shoppers at these stores or restaurants, more jobs are created, leading to economic growth. This in turn leads to more money being spent within the community, which further bolsters economic growth and prosperity. By joining in neighborhood social activities, you can help support your local businesses and contribute to a thriving economy.

Additionally, these activities provide an opportunity for people of all ages to come together to build relationships and foster a sense of community. Neighborhood social activities create an atmosphere of shared values and mutual respect that helps strengthen the bonds between neighbors while promoting positive behavior and attitudes. Furthermore, these events are beneficial in providing an outlet for physical activity that contributes to healthier lifestyles as well as better mental health outcomes for those living in the area.

There is no doubt that participating in neighborhood social activities carries many benefits – from supporting local businesses and creating economic growth to fostering a sense of community and promoting healthier lifestyles. By investing in our local communities, we can further strengthen the bonds between neighbors and promote a more vibrant, prosperous society.

Family Oriented Events

We NEVER forget about the family. Traditionally, we’ll have multiple Bounce Houses and Slides, Pony Rides, Bull Riding, AXE Throwing, rides, and games of skill and fun. Where else can you find a safe, fun-filled event where you can take the family and that every single member of the family will enjoy?


Consumer Benefits

Big Boy Toyz Expos’ events provide a unique opportunity to experience a range of music styles, from rock to country and more. They also provide an opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy some quality entertainment with their neighbors.

This often leads to a greater sense of “Community Belonging” and shared cultural experiences within the local Charlotte County community.

Additionally, Big Boy Toyz’ Expo events offer great economic benefits to the local area, boosting tourism and providing jobs for those involved in organizing and running the event. Large concert community events are a great way to showcase up-and-coming talent, helping to promote new musicians and giving aspiring musicians a chance to show off their talents.

All of these benefits make attending large concert community events a worthwhile experience for all concerned.

If you’ve never attended one, you don’t know what you are missing….


Sponsor Benefits

When buying local, consumers not only get the satisfaction of helping support their local economy and community, but they also have access to higher quality products. Local farmers and producers are able to offer fresher food with superior flavor as they don’t need to spend time or money on shipping. They can focus all of their efforts on delivering produce and goods they are proud of.


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It is often easier for customers to ask questions or discuss any issues that may arise when dealing with a small business face-to-face. Moreover, when returning items bought from a local store, it often takes less time than returning those bought online or from larger chains.


Buying locally offers numerous benefits such as fresher food with better taste and flavor, higher quality products crafted with greater standards, and direct access to knowledgeable store owners and faster returns. Supporting local businesses is an essential way for consumers to ensure their community thrives and grows.

If you’ve never sponsored an event, you are missing out on face-to-face opportunities in a relaxed environment to meet with your local Port Charlotte area target market!


Meet Brian Turner

Big Boy Toyz Expo is the brainchild of Brian Turner, who personally puts together and plans each and every Event. He is responsible for each and every facet

  • Choose a venue

  • Develop a budget

  • Locating Entertainment

  • Establish Sponsorship agreements

  • Recruit exhibitors

  • Multi-channel marketing of the event

  • Plan the logistics

Philosophy Behind Big Boy Toyz

Big Boy Toyz Expos are designed to bring together businesses, organizations, and individuals to showcase their products, services, & ideas, often while providing World Class Musical Entertainment. For Sponsors, Vendors, Exhibitors, and Guests, the benefits for all

  • Networking: A valuable opportunity to network with other professionals, potential customers, and industry experts, while exchanging ideas, and making connections that can lead to future collaborations or business opportunities

  • Brand awareness: An effective way to raise awareness of your brand and promote your products or services, while showcasing your offerings, providing demonstrations, and distributing promotional materials to attract new customers.

  • Market research: Gathering feedback from attendees, observing trends in the industry, and gaining insight into the needs & preferences of your target audience.

  • Education: Offering educational seminars or workshops where attendees can learn about the latest developments and improve their skills.

  • Sales opportunities: Immediate sales opportunities while generatiing future leads and closing deals on the spot.

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