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Mastering twin-outboard boats has never been easier.

Docking can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for both new and veteran boaters. Factors like potent currents, changing winds, and busy boat traffic can make close maneuvering a massive task. Previously, inboard owners saw a significant boost in control with the introduction of systems like the IPS (Inboard Performance System) and Zeus pod drives. Now, that same precision and ease come to outboard motors, thanks to the ground breaking Optimus 360° system.

Dometic‘s Optimus 360° system changes the way twin-outboard boats are operated. Shane DeWitt, Dometic’s product manager, says. “This joy stick system offers easy to understand controls, making even the most complex moves — be it sideways, backward, or forward movements or even rotating the boat on its axis — feel easy and safe.” Beyond mere driving, the system brings a car like powered drive train response on the water. Allowing users to adjust their options to their liking.

The Optimus 360° was crafted keeping the upgrade market in focus. As boat owners tend to retain their vessels for longer periods. Integrating the Dometic system during a repower or adding a new auto pilot becomes a logical and helpful step.

Tech Glimpse Optimus 360°

This beauty is a product of over a 10 years worth of research and development. The Optimus 360 hinges on the Dometic electronic power-steering subsystem. This system includes an electronic helm, hydraulic pumps, a control module, and a display that manages the smart steering cylinders attached to each engine. The advantage? No need for tie bars, meaning each engine moves on its own. Owners have the freedom to adjust numerous settings. From drive response to the number of turns from lock to lock. Simplifying the install, the system also does away with the need for hydraulic and rudder feedback units.

Elevate Your Control with the Joystick

To sum it up, the Optimus 360° package updates the control of twin outboards. Outdated controls and cables are out; cutting edge fly by wire electronics are in. The control head, known as the i6800, synchronizes engines perfectly. The CANtrak display, which tells you the system’s status, can also be changed to the user’s liking.

Above all, the joy stick’s arcade like operation is the best part. With its three axis control, moving the boat becomes easy to learn and precise, making docking in busy marinas a breeze. And if you’re an angler, DeWitt has some good news: “The 360° system will be a game changer. Whether it’s backing down, keeping the right heading, or making sure lines don’t tangle. The Optimus system will make every move feel natural and smooth.”

Durability at Its Core

Designed to withstand the challenges posed by physical shocks and saltwater corrosion, the Optimus system boasts an impressive build. With built-in redundancies, lockable wiring harnesses, and sealed components to ward off leaks or corrosion. The Optimus 360° meets and exceeds the stringent standards set by the American Boat and Yacht Council and European ISO.

Above all, keep in mind that Black Label Marine Group is an authorized dealer and certified installer of the Optimus 360° system. There’s no need to look elsewhere; our team is here to cater to all your Optimus 360° needs. Contact our service department with any questions or to make a service/install appointment.

As for the pricing, the Optimus Electronic Power Steering comes at $7,495, encompassing all components and wiring. That is to say, If you’re looking for the complete package. The approximate price on an Optimus 360° is $17,995 at the time of this article. That is inclusive of the electronic throttle, shift, and joystick control. This amount does not include any installation labor and is subject to change without notification or update in this article. Please contact our service department for up to date pricing and a quote for installation by our Certified Technicians.

While traditionalists might be wary of the digital shift in boating, there’s no denying the convenience and precision it brings. Electronic boating and joystick control are the future, and we’re here for it. Dive into this new era of boating with Black Label Marine Group and the Optimus 360° system.

Optimus 360° Features

  • Intuitive joy stick design, which allows you to move sideways and rotate with a single twist
  • Sensitive touch function, for high precision response
  • Designed for low speed maneuvering
  • Compatible with third party autopilot systems
  • Compatible with twin, triple and quad engine applications
  • Available for retrofit
  • All the benefits of Optimus EPS

Joystick Specifications

  • Description – Joystick control for Optimus EPS [EJ1400]
  • Color – Black/Chrome
  • Parcel Weight (lbs) – 3.80 lb
  • SKU number – 9130000272
  • Depth (inches) – 4.92″
  • Height (inches) – 5.20″
  • Width (inches) – 3.59″
  • Net Weight (lbs) – 3.10 lb
  • Electrical Input Voltage (DC) – 12V

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Optimus 360° system and how does it benefit boat owners?

The Optimus 360 is a ground breaking system that offers intuitive control of your vessel. Allowing for complex maneuvers like sideways, backward, forward movements, and even rotating the boat on its axis.

How does the Optimus 360° joystick system compare to traditional controls?

Traditional controls and cables for twin outboards are replaced by the Optimus 360’s cutting-edge fly-by-wire electronics. The system’s joystick offers three-axis control, making boat movements intuitive and precise.

What technical components are included in the Optimus 360° system?

The Optimus 360° is built on Dometic’s electronic power-steering subsystem. It comprises an electronic helm, hydraulic pumps, a control module, and a display to manage smart steering cylinders for each engine.

Is the Optimus 360° system durable and resilient to marine conditions?

Absolutely. The Optimus 360° system has built-in redundancies, lockable wiring harnesses, and sealed components to prevent leaks or corrosion.

Where can I get the Optimus 360° system installed?

Black Label Marine Group is an authorized dealer and certified installer of the Optimus 360° system. Our expert team is ready to cater to all your Optimus 360° needs, ensuring a professional and seamless installation. You can contact our service department for any queries or to schedule a service/install appointment.

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