Minn Kota Quest Instinct Brushless Trolling Motor

Riptide Instinct Auto Stow Deploy

Imagine being out at sea, miles from the coastline, aboard your center console boat. You’re faced with the cumbersome task of anchoring amidst the relentless currents, which could easily dampen the thrill of your fishing expedition. Now, picture effortlessly maintaining your position over the ideal fishing spot with a mere button click, eliminating the need for traditional anchoring. For those who believe their boats might be too large for a trolling motor, the latest offering from Minn Kota, the Riptide Instinct saltwater trolling motor, is poised to challenge that notion.

Tailored for the larger saltwater angling vessels, the Riptide Instinct comes in various shaft lengths, ranging from 60” to a whopping 100”. It’s armed with Minn Kota’s revolutionary QUEST brushless, dual voltage motors, capable of generating a staggering 115 lbs. of thrust. Simply put, this trolling motor is a beast.

Yet, there’s no need to be daunted by its power and stature. The Riptide Instinct features a robust automatic stow/deploy mechanism with power trim, taking the strain off your shoulders. With the convenience of a wireless remote, you can effortlessly stow, deploy, or adjust the trim height with the mere touch of a button.

Introducing a groundbreaking feature for 2024, Minn Kota has upgraded their GPS technology. This advanced system supersedes the former i-Pilot GPS, coming equipped with a redesigned remote and enhanced GPS navigation capabilities. This includes the acclaimed “Spot Lock” feature, ensuring your boat stays precisely where you want it, undisturbed by wind or current.

By syncing the Riptide Instinct with select Humminbird fish finders, anglers can unlock the full potential of Minn Kota’s One Boat Network. This integration ensures seamless communication and control between devices. The Riptide Instinct is not just another trolling motor; it’s a formidable force designed to elevate your fishing experience, allowing you to focus on landing the big catch, without any excuses.

For those who are serious about their offshore fishing adventures, the Riptide Instinct by Minn Kota represents a significant leap forward in trolling motor technology. It’s more than just a tool; it’s an ally in the quest for the perfect catch, ensuring that your fishing trips are as productive as they are enjoyable.

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