BMW (and TYDE’s) Electric Venture

The Icon, a groundbreaking electric boat developed through the collaboration of BMW and TYDE. This 13.5-meter foiling masterpiece made a spectacular debut at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival and hasn’t stopped making headlines since.

Electric Collaboration

Embarking on this venture, BMW and TYDE have infused automotive innovation into the maritime world. The Icon isn’t just any boat; it’s a beacon of sustainable luxury, powered by electric propulsion with BMW i batteries. It’s exciting to see such a harmonious blend of performance and eco-consciousness.

Design Features

The Icon’s design is nothing short of revolutionary. Its trimaran-style hull and hydrofoil technology redefine efficiency and speed on water. By night, LED lights outline its striking form, making it a captivating sight.

Luxury Interior

Stepping inside The Icon, the spacious ‘origami’ design interior immediately catches the eye. The twin lounge areas and BMW-inspired helm station, featuring a 32-inch touchscreen (woah!), reflect an unprecedented level of luxury and innovation in design.

Water Connection

The Icon’s design philosophy extends to its interaction with the water. The expansive swim platform and glass panels foster a unique connection with the sea, enhancing the onboard experience with natural light and reflections.

Sound System

The auditory experience on The Icon is as luxurious as the visual. Equipped with a Dolby Atmos system and contributions from Hans Zimmer, the boat offers a rich, cinematic sound landscape that enriches every journey.

Foiling Technology

What truly sets The Icon apart is its foiling technology, which lifts the boat above the water to reduce drag and improve efficiency by up to 80%. This smooth, energy-efficient ride is a game-changer in maritime mobility.



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