Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Center Console Boats


Center consoles are highly sought-after boats for many reasons. Their versatility, durability, and ergonomic design make them a top choice for avid fishermen and boaters alike. With easy access to rod holders, live wells, and ample storage space, center console boats for sale are the ultimate fishing partner

In addition to being great for fishing, bay boats with a center console design provide exceptional stability on the water, thus making them equally perfect for cruising or watersports. They also boast high fuel efficiency, meaning they’re budget-friendly in terms of operational costs.

What sets center consoles apart from other boat types is their ability to handle rough waters with ease. The high gunwales and deep v-hull design of these boats ensure a smooth ride even when confronted with choppy waves.

According to Boat Trader, one interesting fact about center console boats for sale is that their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years; as of 2019 they accounted for more than 66% of all saltwater fishing boat sales in the U.S.

Center consoles: the ultimate hybrid between a boat and a command center.But please don’t ask me to navigate while holding a coffee.

What are center consoles?

These are boats that have their steering controls and navigational equipment located in the center of the vessel. These boats are often used for fishing trips, as they offer plenty of deck space for maneuvering and casting lines. They also typically have a single outboard motor, which gives them excellent speed and agility. The design of these mid consoles boats allows for easy access to all corners of the boat, making them an ideal choice for avid fishermen or anyone looking for a versatile watercraft.

With their sturdy construction and nimble handling, center console boats can handle a wide range of environments, from calm lakes and rivers to choppy seas. They come in a variety of sizes, from compact bay boats to large offshore vessels. Many feature multiple live wells, rod holders, outriggers, and other specialized fishing equipment. Due to their popularity among anglers, there are many center console boats for sale on the market today.

One unique feature of some cconsole boats is their ability to be customized with aftermarket equipment or personal touches. For example, some owners might add extra seating or storage compartments, while others might install complicated sound systems or luxury finishes. No matter what specific features an owner may choose to add to their boat, the open design and flexible layout make customization easy.

According to a report by Boat International magazine in 2020, over 10% of new powerboats sold worldwide were mid console models. This shows that these versatile watercraft continue to be popular among boating enthusiasts around the globe.

CC boats have been around longer than my career in comedy, but thankfully, they’re still relevant.

History and evolution of center console boats

The origins and progression of center console boats are closely intertwined with the evolution of fishing and boating culture. From the rowboats that fisherman used in earlier days to sailboats with a single mast to modern-day powerboats, the transition has been remarkable. The advent of motorized watercraft was a significant turning point in boating history, but it was only a matter of time before the semi-enclosed cabin feature evolved to allow more usability and flexibility. As boat builders experimented with various styles and configurations over the years, center station boats became increasingly popular among anglers as they provided more visibility, maneuvering room, and access to the stern for fishing purposes.

As time passed, CC boats for sale were upgraded with innovative features such as hydraulic steering, automatic trim tabs, aerated live wells, built-in coolers, rod holders, T-tops or hardtops for sun protection; all designed specifically for various marine activities. Keeping up with the fast-moving pace of technology allowed manufacturers to integrate better control systems like joystick piloting systems and advanced GPS mapping software into their products.

What separates these boats is their unique qualities

One distinctive feature about center console boats is that they attract customers from different industries such as sportfishing enthusiasts who value speed offshore capability while coastal cruisers prefer walk-around decks and oversized platforms that accommodate 4-7 people onboard comfortably.

CC are admired worldwide due to their boundless attributes and durability which come from being traditionally made using fiberglass or composite materials. In addition, it has been noted by leading industry insiders (such as ‘Boat Trader Magazine’) that center consoles maintain their resale value better than other vessels due to popular demand.

As new technologies emerge every day within this industry discovering differences between hybrid bay boats vs crossover boats can become confusing—so choosing the right vessel requires a deep understanding of your unique needs and knowledge on what modifications will work well for you based on your intended uses.

If Batman had a boat, it would definitely be a center console – sleek, practical, and ready for action.

Key features of center console boats

As an expert boat salesman and avid fisherman, center console boats are a popular choice among my clients and friends. Understanding the key features of these boats is crucial in making an informed decision when looking for center consoles for sale.

  • Unobstructed deck space: The most notable feature of center console boats is the unobstructed deck space that allows free movement while fishing.
  • Storage: Center console boats provide ample storage space for all your fishing and safety gear below deck or in compartments under the seating area on the deck.
  • Comfort: Comfortable bench seating for passengers even during rough seas with accessible storage underneath offers comfort to everyone aboard.
  • Fishing Amenities: Equipped with rod holders, live wells, baitwells, and fish boxes to accommodate even the most dedicated anglers.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Center console boats have efficient engines which can provide extended trips while being fuel-efficient.
  • Multi-functional: Center console boats serve multi-purpose needs from weekend getaways to family outings ensuring more value for money.

Apart from these key features of center console boats, it’s important to note that they come in different sizes, designs based on bay boats, offshore fishing boats etc. Based on their design, purpose and use-case scenario there could be variations even within these key features mentioned above.

Pro Tip: When inspecting center consoles for sale focus on the handholds around the boat providing safety and stability during rough conditions.

If you want to feel like the captain of your own ship, get a center console boat – just don’t forget the eye patch and parrot.

Advantages of CC boats

Center console boats offer numerous benefits that make them popular among boating enthusiasts. They are highly versatile and can be used for different purposes, including fishing, pleasure cruising, and water sports. Below are the advantages of these boats:

  • Easy Navigation: Center console boats offer the best visibility while navigating through the waters.
  • Spaciousness: These boats have plenty of room on deck, which allows you to move around freely.
  • Stable Ride: The design of center console boats provides a stable ride even in rough seas.
  • Efficient Fuel Consumption: Cent. consl. have smaller engines making them more fuel-efficient than other types of boats.
  • Customizable Features: You can customize your center cnsle boat by adding different features according to your needs and preferences.
  • Flexibility for Fishing: Most of these cent. console boats have ample space for casting and comfortable fishing seats.

Center consoles also provide ample storage space to store your equipment out of sight. Additionally, they come in different sizes and styles suitable for various water activities.

If you’re seeking a boat that is fast and able to handle shifting tides or choppy waters, check out center console boats. Interestingly, this type of rig was popularized by legendary American sportfisher Tommy Gifford in 1957 when he paired an outboard motor with a traditional fishing boat to catch marlins off South Florida’s coast. It proved so successful that it became his go-to rig for decades, ultimately spawning the modern-day center-console design we enjoy today.

From bay boats to fishing boats, center consoles are like the chameleons of the sea.

Types of Center Console Boats

When it comes to mid console boats, there are various options to consider. Here’s a breakdown of the different types you might come across.

In this table, we have listed the most common types of center console boats and their specifications:

Type of Center Station BoatLengthHull MaterialCapacityBest For
Bay Boats18-28 ftFiberglass2-10 peopleShallow water fishing and cruising
Fishing Boats16-34 ftAluminum/fiberglass1-8 peopleOffshore fishing and family fun
Sportfishing Boats30-60 ftFiberglass/wood4-12 peopleTournaments and big-game fishing

Additionally, some unique features to consider when purchasing a center console include leaning posts, T-tops, outriggers, GPS systems, and livewell systems.

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If you’re not careful, buying a center console boat can lead to a serious case of boat envy.

Considerations When Buying a Center Console Boat

For those seeking to purchase a center console boat, there are various things to consider. A CC boat is a popular fishing boat with many features and capabilities that cater to different needs. Here are some critical factors to think about when buying one:

Size of BoatDetermining the size of the boat you need depending on your needs and the type of water you plan on using it.
Fishing NeedsKnowing what type of fish you aim to catch will determine the kind of center console you should go for.
Budget-SpendingThe prices for center console boats fluctuate, thus determining your spending limit with consideration to other expenses is crucial.
Storage SolutionsAdequate compartment space is essential, especially if you plan on fishing in different environments or taking long trips.
MaintenanceA new boat requires dedication when it comes down to upkeep; however, opting for a used vessel can minimize cost while still maintaining functionality.

Moreover, ensuring that the boat meets safety standards, inspecting warranties and considering your repair options in advance is crucial. In addition, choosing environmentally friendly alternatives such as electric engines or hybrid systems for propulsion can have lasting benefits for aquatic preservation.

To summarize, purchasing a center console requires thorough research into your needs, budget restrictions and maintenance requirements. With these considerations in mind, buyers can make an informed purchase that suits their expectations without compromising on quality. Finding center console boats for sale is like trying to catch a fish in a pond, there are plenty out there but you have to know where to cast your net.

Where to Find Center Console Boats for Sale near me

To explore the opportunities for purchasing center console boats, let’s focus on some reliable sources. Here are some significant locations to find center console boats for sale.

#1 Florida Dealership www.blacklabelmarinegroup.com
Second-hand dealerswww.yachtworld.com
Private sellerswww.onlyinboards.com
Florida Center Console Dealerswww.blacklabelmarinegroup.com

Many dealership showrooms display various types and models of boats, making it easier to choose from a variety of options. Second-hand dealers offer used but well-maintained boats at a lower price than newer models. Private sellers might offer customized or hard-to-find models that fit your requirements.

You can also visit boating expos and events that showcase a wide range of boats, including center console boats. These shows provide an opportunity to experience multiple vendors in one place and meet other boaters who can assist with advice and recommendations.

To get the best deal, try negotiating with sellers and seek financing options available at different sources such as bank loans or boat loans. Be cautious about buying a boat without proper documentation, as it might lead to legal issues later on.

It’s always better to do comprehensive research before finalizing your purchase to ensure you have chosen the right kind of boat suitable for your needs within your budget.

In summary, finding a mid console boat for sale is not difficult if you know where to look. Visiting dealerships, second-hand dealers, private sellers, expos and events are some reliable methods; however, proper research is necessary before making any decisions.

I may not know why everyone loves these CC’s, but I do know that after reading this article, you’ll want to buy one, and I’ll happily sell it to you.


In exploring the widespread love of center consoles, it’s clear that their versatility, stability and functionality make them a popular choice for both serious anglers and casual boaters. The mix of creature comforts and practical features appeal to a wide range of users in various settings. From inland lakes to open seas. But what truly sets center consoles apart is their adaptability to different types of fishing. Whether casting inshore or trolling offshore. With an array of models available with varying features and sizes, there is a center console out there for every boater’s needs.

A closer look at the market shows that while center consoles are often associated with saltwater fishing. They can also function well in freshwater environments. Bay boats, which share many similarities with center consoles, offer customers a more cost-effective option for inshore activities while still providing ample deck space and rod storage. However, when venturing offshore into deeper waters for larger game fish including marlin or tuna, center consoles tend to be favored by anglers due to their big-water capabilities and superior ride quality.

Making the right choice for you

Finally, it’s important to remember that when investing in any boat. Particularly if used as frequently as a center console – quality construction is essential. From the strength of the hull through to the materials used in upholstery and finishes; cutting corners can lead to major problems down the line. Trustworthy dealerships like Black Label Marine Group provide insight into the best brands on the market and ensure secure financing options, with warranties available where necessary.

Reflecting on my time as a comedian turned boat salesman turned avid fisherman, I’ve witnessed firsthand. How one’s passion for time spent on the water has driven so many towards considering purchasing their own vessel. Center consoles continue to attract those looking for an efficient yet comfortable way to get out on the water. Ask any owner, and you’ll often hear they wouldn’t choose anything else!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why are center console boats so popular?

A: Center console boats are popular because they offer versatility and functionality for a variety of activities such as fishing, cruising, and water sports. They also have a spacious open layout which allows for a comfortable experience for both the passengers and captain.

Q: What are some advantages of owning a Center Console boat?

A: Some advantages of owning a center console boat include: high speed and better fuel efficiency compared to other boat types, easy maneuverability in shallow waters, and the ability to fish or participate in water sports without getting in the way of other passengers.

Q: Where can I find center console boats for sale?

A: Center console boats can be found at many boat dealerships, both in-person and online. It’s important to do research on the dealership and the boat before purchasing. This will help to ensure the boat meets your needs and budget.

Q: What is the difference between a center console boat and a bay boat?

A: Bay boats are designed for use in shallow waters and calm bays. Center console boats have a deeper hull and can handle rougher waters. Bay boats are usually smaller and have a lower profile. While center console boats are larger and have a more open design.

Q: Are center console boats good for fishing?

A: Yes, center console boats are excellent for fishing. They offer ample room for fishing equipment, have a stable platform, and allow for 360° access to the water. Many center console boats also come with fishing -specific features such as live wells and rod holders.

Q: What should I consider when purchasing a center console boat?

A: When purchasing a center console boat, consider your budget. Consider also the size and type of boat that best fits your needs, the boat’s condition and maintenance history. And keep in mind any extra features you may want such as electronics or fishing equipment.



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