Anchors Aweigh! Pete Davidson’s Boating Adventure: From SNL to NYC’s Waters

Early in 2022, Pete Davidson, popularly known for his gig on Saturday Night Live, made a splash in the world of boating by acquiring a decommissioned NYC ferry. His quirky decision, made in tandem with fellow SNL star Colin Jost, had us all aboard the laughter cruise.

A Comedy Club Sets Sail: The Original Plan

Their vision for the corroded MV John F. Kennedy, which had been ferrying commuters between Staten Island and the mainland since 1965, was nothing short of ingenious. The duo planned to give this rusty vessel a new lease on life by transforming it into a floating comedy club.

Davidson’s real estate broker, Paul Italia, shed light on the plan: “The idea is to convert the space into a live entertainment venue, featuring comedy, music, art, and more. We’re still in the early stages, but everyone involved shares the same vision — to save this vessel from the scrapyard.”

Pete Davidson’s Big Dreams for the Ferry

In a conversation with People Magazine, Davidson elaborated on the project: “There will be multiple levels — a bar, a fancy restaurant, and an entertainment space on the lower level. We plan to dock it in the city (NYC) and create a unique experience. Or, it could all go south, and I’ll be booked solid next year!”

The Potential Downfall

What followed seems like a premonition. NYC Mayor Eric Adams was also enthusiastic about the venture, remarking, “I love this idea. It’s a fantastic way to breathe new life into an NYC icon. Let us know how we can assist, and we’ll be ready for the maiden voyage.”

Preserving History, Creating Memories

This unconventional purchase not only sparked amusement, but it also promised to safeguard the history of Davidson’s cherished Staten Island. The MV John F. Kennedy was set to be reborn as an entertainment epicenter, a tourist hotspot, and a living testament to history. It was, indeed, a noble pursuit.

Unfortunately, the grand plan, much like John F. Kennedy’s WWII vessel PT-109, appears to have hit rough waters.

A Stoned Decision and Unexpected Costs

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of “Transformers: Rise of the Beast,” Davidson confessed that he and Jost were under the influence when they made the purchase.

“I have no idea what’s going on with that thing,” Davidson confessed, shaking his head. “A year ago, Colin and I were pretty stoned and decided to buy a ferry. We’re still figuring it out.”

From Comedy Club to Transformer?

When asked if he planned to use the boat for the movie premiere’s after-party, he jestingly hoped for a transformation of sorts. “Hopefully it turns into a Transformer and exits the scene, so I can stop paying for it!”

To any seasoned boater, Davidson’s predicament is all too familiar. The issue isn’t so much the initial purchase price (a humble $281,000 USD split between him and Jost.) But the unforeseen costs associated with resurrecting such a colossal craft.

The Sober Sailor: Colin Jost’s Take on the Ferry Purchases

Contrary to Davidson’s confession about their state of inebriation at the time of the purchase. Colin Jost maintains that he was completely sober when they decided to invest in the decommissioned Staten Island ferry. Jost humorously quipped on Instagram, “Is it worse that I was actually stone-cold sober when we bought the ferry?”

Jost seems determined to prove the doubters wrong. He envisions a time when the public will be “begging” for a chance to set foot on their ferry. Despite the unexpected challenges and complexities they’ve encountered so far, Jost’s optimism remains undeterred.

Further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit, the “Weekend Update” co-host took the opportunity to promote his upcoming “Ferry Money Tour.” Tour stops planned in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Jost teases the potential of “some very special guests” making an appearance.

The Challenges Ahead (and Boat Specs)

The MV John F. Kennedy is no small venture.

A staggering…

277 feet long (84 m) with a

69-foot beam (21 m), and weighing

21,00 tons, . Once boasting a modest top speed of

13 mph (21 km/h) from its

Twin diesel engines.

The ferry was labeled “non-operational” and in “poor condition” by NYCs Department of Citywide Administrative Services at purchase.

With a capacity for…

3,500 passengers and

40 cars, there’s ample room for a bar or a comedy club. But, it’s quite a task to refurbish this vast amount of rusty steel.

A Boater’s Cautionary Tale

Ask any veteran boater about their experiences with hull repainting or engine rebuilding. You’ll likely see a nervous laugh coupled with the haunted reminiscence of a past ordeal. The idea of renovating or taking a chance on a vintage vessel can instill a sense of apprehension. There are always hidden challenges beneath the deck. However, the thrill of boating often proves irresistible.

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Here’s hoping for smooth sailing ahead, Pete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the original plan for the decommissioned NYC ferry purchased by Pete Davidson and Colin Jost?

The duo had plans to transform the decommissioned NYC ferry. Remodeling it into a floating comedy club and live entertainment venue featuring comedy, music, art, and more.

How much did Pete Davidson and Colin Jost pay for the decommissioned NYC ferry?

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost paid $281,000 USD for the decommissioned NYC ferry. They plan to convert into a floating entertainment venue.

What are the key challenges with the renovation of the decommissioned NYC ferry?

The main challenge lies in the refurbishment and potential revival of the MV John F. Kennedy, a large vessel weighing 2100 tons. With significant amounts of rusty steel and a classification as “non-operational” and in “poor condition” at the time of purchase.

What is Colin Jost’s perspective on the purchase of the ferry?

Contrary to Pete Davidson’s confession about their state of inebriation at the time of the purchase. Colin Jost claims that he was completely sober during the transaction. Despite the unexpected challenges, Jost remains optimistic. He anticipates a time when the public will be “begging” for a chance to visit their transformed ferry.

What is the “Ferry Money Tour” that Colin Jost mentioned?

The “Ferry Money Tour” is an upcoming event hosted by Colin Jost. The tour has stops planned in Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.



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