Redfish, also known as Red Drum, are inshore species that inhabit Florida’s shallow waters. They are abundant along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, with hotspots including Tampa Bay, Mosquito Lagoon, and the flats of the Florida Keys.

Best Seasons for Redfish

Although Reds can be found year-round in Florida, their numbers significantly increase from August to November during their spawning season. These fish move out to nearshore waters during this period, forming large schools that offer anglers exciting action.

Fishing Techniques

Casting with live or cut bait, such as shrimp, crab, or mullet, is an effective technique for catching Reds. Artificial lures that mimic these food sources also work well. Fly fishing is another popular method for targeting Redfish on the flats.

Fun Fact

Redfish have a distinct spot or a series of spots at the base of their tail, which is believed to confuse predators into attacking the tail instead of the head, allowing the Redfish to escape.



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