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Hooked on Tripletail

Fishing for tripletail in Florida is an exhilarating experience. These unique fish, known for their peculiar appearance and delicious taste, are a prized catch among anglers. In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about tripletail fishing in the Sunshine State—from the best times and places to fish, to the gear and techniques that will help you land one of these elusive creatures.

Why Tripletail?

Tripletail, named for their distinctive three-lobed fins, are not only a challenging catch but also a culinary delight. They’re known for their unpredictable behavior, often lurking near floating objects and structure, making them a thrilling target for sport fishing. Their flaky, white meat is highly sought after, making the effort to catch them well worth it.

Best Times to Fish for Tripletail

Seasonal Insights

Tripletail can be found in Florida waters year-round, but the prime season typically runs from spring through fall. The warmer months—especially between April and October—offer the best opportunities as they tend to be more active and visible.

Ideal Conditions

Tripletail love warm, calm waters. They often hang around floating debris, buoys, and crab trap lines, using these structures as cover. Overcast days or early mornings and late afternoons are optimal times for spotting them near the surface.

Top Spots for Tripletail Fishing in Florida

East Coast Hotspots

  1. Indian River Lagoon: Known for its rich biodiversity, this lagoon is a haven for tripletail.
  2. Mosquito Lagoon: Another prime location, famous for its clear waters and abundant fish populations.

West Coast Gems

  1. Tampa Bay: With its numerous piers and floating debris, Tampa Bay is a tripletail hotspot.
  2. Charlotte Harbor: Offers excellent opportunities, especially around the crab trap lines.

Panhandle and Keys

  1. Apalachicola Bay: Renowned for its fishing culture, this bay is perfect for targeting tripletail.
  2. Florida Keys: The clear waters and extensive coral reefs make the Keys a prime destination for tripletail enthusiasts.

Gear and Techniques for Tripletail Fishing

  • Rod and Reel: A medium to heavy spinning rod paired with a high-quality reel is ideal. Look for a rod that’s about 7 feet long with a fast action to handle the fight.
  • Line and Leader: Using a 20-30 pound braided line is recommended, paired with a fluorocarbon leader of 30-40 pounds. The leader is crucial as tripletail have sharp gill plates that can easily cut through weaker lines.
  • Baits and Lures: Live shrimp, small crabs, and baitfish are excellent choices for live bait. For artificial lures, try using jigs, soft plastics, and topwater plugs that mimic the natural prey of tripletail.


  • Spotting and Stalking: They are often found near floating debris and structure. Slowly approach these areas, scanning the water for their distinct dark silhouettes.
  • Casting and Retrieval: Once you’ve spotted a tripletail, cast your bait or lure past the fish and slowly retrieve it, allowing it to drift near the fish. They are known for their curious nature and will often investigate, giving you a chance to hook them.
  • Setting the Hook: Patience is key. Allow the tripletail to take the bait before setting the hook firmly. They can be skittish, so a subtle approach is often more effective.

Tripletail Fishing Etiquette and Conservation

  • Respect the Environment: Always follow local fishing regulations and guidelines. Respect the habitats you’re fishing in by minimizing your impact on the environment.
  • Practice Catch and Release:If you’re not planning to keep your catch, handle the fish with care to ensure a successful release. Use circle hooks to reduce injury and avoid handling the fish excessively.

Wrapping It Up

Tripletail fishing in Florida is a unique and rewarding experience. From understanding the best times and locations to fish, to mastering the right gear and techniques, this guide has covered all the essentials. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a newcomer to the sport, these tips will help you on your quest to catch the elusive tripletail.

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When is the best time to fish for tripletail in Florida?

The best time is typically from spring through fall, especially between April and October.

What kind of bait is best for tripletail?

Live shrimp, small crabs, and baitfish are excellent choices. Artificial lures like jigs and soft plastics also work well.

Where can I find tripletail in Florida?

Some prime locations include Indian River Lagoon, Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor, and the Florida Keys.

What kind of gear do I need for tripletail fishing?

A medium to heavy spinning rod, a high-quality reel, 20-30 pound braided line, and a fluorocarbon leader of 30-40 pounds are recommended.



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