Florida’s Fast and Fun Prize Fish

If you’re an angler who loves a good chase, then wahoo fishing in Florida should be on your bucket list. This saltwater speedster, known for its lightning-fast bursts and acrobatic jumps, is a true prize among Florida’s diverse fish species. The thrill of the catch is what makes wahoo a favorite among fishers. But, it’s the delicious, delicate flavor of its steaks that make it a favorite in kitchens everywhere.

Hunting for Wahoo in Florida

Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is a tropical fish species that can be found in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Florida, with its year-round warm waters, is a prime location for wahoo. The Wahoo fish is a migratory species, with a strong presence in the Atlantic waters of Florida. Wahoo are found year round along the Gulf Stream.

Florida’s southernmost point is the place to visit, namely Key West. Perfectly positioned at the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, you can target Wahoo in these deep waters year-round. November through February is especially bountiful, as this is when they move in closer to the area’s many reefs.

The season for wahoo fishing in Florida runs from January to April and then again from September to December. Wahoo tend to favor the offshore deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, typically around wrecks and reefs. This calls for a sturdy, reliable boat that can get you out to these fishing grounds safely and comfortably.

Wahoo’s Need for Speed

Wahoo are notoriously fast swimmers, reaching speeds up to 60 mph. They are agile and will give you a serious fight, making the chase an adrenaline-filled experience. The preferred fishing method for wahoo is trolling, using high-speed lures or rigged ballyhoo.

Having the right boat can make a significant difference in your fishing experience. This matters even more than usual when targeting a speedy species like wahoo. An ideal choice would be a center console fishing boat. Center consoles have a design that allows for 360° access to the water. They have plenty of space for casting and battling fish. These boats are perfect for a day out in the open waters.

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Wahoo Species Profile


  • Slender body with a dark bluish-green back, silvery sides and a whitish belly 24 to 30 wavy, dark blue bars on sides
  • Jaws elongated, forming a pointed beak with triangular finely-serrated teeth
  • First dorsal fin is low and long

Similar Species: King mackerelS. cavalla (lateral line drops sharply) 
Size: Up to 98 inches 
Fishing Tip: Wahoo are caught by trolling bait and artificial lures on flatlines.
Habitat: Offshore waters; generally not in schools.
Behavior: Known for their tremendous runs and shifts of direction. Feeds on fishes and squid.

Additional Information

FL State Wahoo Fishing Record: 139 lb, caught near Marathon, FL

*The Florida state record wahoo weighed 139.56 pounds and was caught in 1960 by George Von Hoffman in Marathon.

Geared up for the Chase?

Wahoo fishing in Florida promises an exciting adventure. Not only does it bring the thrill of the chase. But it also delivers the reward of a great meal at the end of the day. The challenge demands a strong fishing boat, reliable gear, and a bit of patience. Black Label will get you equipped and out on the water. We’ll get you chasing the unforgettable experience of landing a wahoo.

Wahoo Fishing Rods, Lures and Lines

Heading out for wahoo fishing in Florida is more than just a fishing trip; it’s a heart-pumping escapade! Imagine the rush of battling one of the ocean’s fastest, slicing through the water at speeds that make your reel scream. But before you hit the water, let’s talk gear. For these speedsters, you’ll want heavy-duty trolling gear. Start with a high-speed trolling reel paired with a sturdy rod capable of withstanding the wahoo’s notorious pull. Braided line is a must – go for something in the 50 to 80-pound test range to ensure you can handle the fight without a snap. Don’t forget a selection of lures that mimic the wahoo’s favorite prey, with bright colors and reflective surfaces to catch their eye.

The IGFA world record is a 184-pound wahoo caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, by Sara Hayward in 2005. Sara was just 15 years old when she successfully landed a fish that weighs substantially more than her.

Wahoo Fishing Boats

Catching a wahoo isn’t just about the thrill of the chase; it’s the ultimate test of skill, culminating in the rich reward of a delicious, hard-earned meal. However, triumph over these swift denizens of the deep requires more than just angler’s luck. It demands a vessel that’s not only quick and agile but also robust enough to withstand the demanding conditions of offshore fishing.

This is where Black Label Marine Group shines, standing not merely as a boat retailer but as your partner in the grand adventure of fishing. For those with their sights set on the prestigious wahoo, we are proud to showcase specific models from Caymas, each designed to transform your fishing expedition into a tale of triumph.

Caymas Offshore Fishing Boats

For the traditionalist with an eye for agility and power, the Caymas 341CC and 401CC are unmatched. These center console boats, spanning 34′ and 40′ respectively, embody top-quality craftsmanship and performance. Built to slice through the waves, they offer the speed to chase down the fastest fish and the strength to stand up to the open sea’s challenges. With spacious decks and ample storage, they ensure that every piece of gear has its place and every moment on the water is enjoyed in comfort.

Venturing into innovative territories, Caymas also introduces a new line of power catamarans, the 30CT and 34CT. These vessels, with their dual hulls and wide beams, redefine stability and space on the water. The catamarans’ design ensures a smooth ride, even in choppy conditions, making them ideal for those long days chasing wahoo across the offshore playground. Their additional space does not only mean more comfort but also allows for more anglers to join in the pursuit, making each trip a shared adventure.

At Black Label Marine Group, we understand the importance of a vessel that matches the ambition and prowess of the angler. With our curated selection of Caymas boats, from the swift and mighty 341CC and 401CC to the spacious and stable 30CT and Caymas 34CT catamarans, we are dedicated to equipping you for success in the water. Join us in the pursuit of the elusive wahoo, aboard a boat that elevates your fishing experience to new heights. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. Welcome aboard!

Sea Fox Offshore Fishing Boats

On the other hand, Sea Fox boats proudly present their Commander Series, specifically designed for offshore fishing enthusiasts who demand durability and seamless navigation in challenging conditions. Among this esteemed lineup, the Sea Fox 268 Commander and the Sea Fox 368 Commander stand out as exemplary choices for the angler setting sights on the elusive wahoo.

The Sea Fox 268 Commander, a robust 26-footer, offers agility and efficiency without compromising on the features critical to a successful day of fishing. Its design caters to the serious angler, with a layout that maximizes both comfort and utility on the water. This model combines the ease of maneuverability with ample storage, ensuring that every essential is within reach when the action starts. It’s a boat that promises reliability and performance at a value that’s hard to beat, making it an ideal entry for those looking to make their mark in offshore fishing.

Elevating the game, the Sea Fox 368 Commander presents itself as the pinnacle of the Commander Series. This 36-foot marvel not only expands on the space and comfort found in the 268 but also introduces enhanced features and capabilities for the more ambitious expeditions. With its advanced hull design and spacious layout, it offers a stable and secure platform for tackling the high seas. The 368 Commander is equipped to handle the rigorous demands of chasing down the fastest fish in the ocean, making it a preferred choice for anglers who refuse to compromise on performance or comfort, even in the most challenging conditions.

Both the Sea Fox 268 Commander and the 368 Commander are testament to Sea Fox’s commitment to providing reliable, high-quality boats at an accessible price point. These vessels are designed with the angler in mind, from their fisherman-friendly layouts to their robust build, capable of withstanding the rigors of offshore fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just beginning your journey into the world of big game fishing, the Commander Series offers something for every adventurer.

What Does Wahoo Even Mean?

Did you know that ‘wahoo’ is a term of excitement or joy? It’s quite fitting for this fish, which can reach speeds that would earn a speeding ticket in most residential areas. When you finally land one, you might find yourself shouting “Wahoo!” too.

Black Label Marine Group: Your Partner in the Chase

In Florida, Black Label Marine Group stands as an established provider of center console fishing boats. With Black Label’s broad selection of brands. Boats by Caymas, Sea Fox, Crownline and Finseeker are waiting and ready to take home from the lot. We will help you tackle the challenge of wahoo fishing. Conveniently located in Ocala, Punta Gorda, and Pinellas Park, we’re always ready to assist you. You can also browse our full boat inventory online.


What’s the best time to fish for wahoo in Florida?

November through February is the prime time, with additional seasons from January to April and September to December.

What type of boat is best for wahoo fishing?

A center console fishing boat, offering 360° water access and space for casting. Black Label Marine Group provides various suitable models.

How should I fish for wahoo?

Trolling with high-speed lures or rigged ballyhoo is most effective, matching the wahoo’s fast swimming capabilities.

Can beginners successfully fish for wahoo?

Yes, with the right equipment and a bit of guidance. Black Label Marine Group can equip beginners with the necessary gear and knowledge for a successful outing.

What fishing methods are most effective for catching wahoo?

Trolling with high-speed lures or rigged ballyhoo is most effective, matching the wahoo’s fast swimming capabilities.

Can I fish for wahoo from the shore in Florida?

Wahoo are typically found in offshore deep waters, so boat fishing is necessary to reach their habitats around wrecks and reefs.

How do I know if a boat is good for wahoo fishing?

Look for boats with speed, stability, and ample casting space. Black Label Marine Group’s experts can help select the right boat for you.



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