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Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament 2024

southern fortune fishing 2024 fishing tournament

Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament 2024

  • 365 Days, 30 Species!
  • Starts 8/1 – Ends 7/31
  • Fish your schedule
  • Fish best conditions
  • Fish your honey-holes!
  • Don’t feel rushed
  • Every cast could be a winner!

Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament Weigh Stations

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SFFT Tournament Entry

You must be 18 years old or older except with parental or guardian consent.



southern fortune fish tournament 2024


Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament Winners 2022-2023


Species Winning Angler Final: 8/4/23
Black Grouper John Glenton 19.0lbs
Blackfin Tuna Daniel Shawver 23.8lbs
Cobia Dylan Archibald 32.8lbs
Cubera Snapper John Glenton 27.2lbs
Florida Pompano Dave DeWitt 4.2lbs
Gag Grouper John Glenton 36.0lbs
Golden Tile Chris Blakeslee 23.0lbs
Greater Amberjack Hugo Sabato 41.8lbs
Kingfish Dylan Archibald 46.0lbs
Kitty Mitchell Grouper Paul Marchlowitz 27.2lbs
Lane Snapper Cole Mueller 3.0lbs
Mahi Mahi Chris Schulmeister 15.8lbs
Mangrove Snapper Al Giuffrida 8.8lbs
Mutton Snapper Cole Mueller 13.4lbs
Permit Chris Blakeslee 10.4lbs
Queen Snapper Paul Marchlowitz 20.0lbs
Red Grouper Skyler Shaw 21.0lbs
Red Snapper Skyler Shaw 21.4lbs
Scamp Grouper Dave DeWitt 14.6lbs
Snowy Grouper Zander Vaglivielo 15.0lbs
Swordfish Hugo Sabato 282.8lbs
Vermillion Snapper Austin Myszkowski 4.8lbs
Wahoo Chris Doyle 39.4lbs
Yellow Eye Snapper Hugo Sabato 15.0lbs
Yellowedge Grouper  Skyler Shaw 30.2lbs
Yellowfin Tuna Hugo Sabato 60.8lbs
Yellowtail Snapper Dave DeWitt 3.6lbs

Official Tournament Rules:

Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament (SFFT) – Updates effective 1/4/2024


Registration for the Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament (SFFT) will open on March 1 and end on July 25. The Tournament will officially start on August 1 and end at 11:59pm on July 31.

The Tournament is open to all Anglers that meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be 18 years old or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.
  2. You must have registered through the SFFT App platform (see below).
  3. You must have signed the Liability and Release Form.
  4. You must have paid the $199.95 entry fee.

The Tournament will be conducted through the SFFT App platform which can be downloaded to Android Play Store and iPhone App Store. The App is free.

All Anglers must complete the SFFT profile, sign the necessary forms and pay the nonrefundable $199.95 entry fee. The Entry Fee includes all processing fees and enters the Angler into all 30 species of fish. Upon completion of the registration process and the payment of the entry fee, Anglers will receive a confirmation email from the SFFT Administration. The Angler’s tournament ID number will be the “SFFT000000” confirmation number sent when registration is complete.

General Requirements

All Anglers must obtain and hold the applicable local fishing license(s) for the area(s) they intend to fish, and they must understand all of the local fishing rules, regulations and laws in those areas. The SFFT Administration is not responsible for an Angler’s lack of knowledge of the applicable local fishing rules, regulations and/or laws. The SFFT Administration is not responsible for an Angler’s lack of knowledge of the applicable, local, RECREATIONAL fishing rules, regulations and/or laws. Any Angler who violates any applicable rules, regulations and/or laws- the catch submitted will be disqualified and removed from leaderboard.

Anglers can fish on any team, boat/charter, anywhere and anytime during the Tournament to catch their trophy fish. The Angler may upload photos and obtain real time updates on species standings by accessing the SFFT App platform.

Rules are subject to change. Any changes will be posted on our website and Social Media. It is up to the participant to know the rules before you enter a fish.

SFFT Administration is not eligible to participate in the Tournament.

Qualifying A Fish

This is a rod and reel tournament only and no spear fishing is allowed. Baits used are entirely up to each Angler.

Once registered, all Anglers are automatically approved to fish for all 30 species. Please Note: Only approved measuring devices and scales can be used to qualify fish, the devices and scale locations are outlined on the SFFT website, Southernfortunefishing.com. If an Angler is in need of a scale at a new location, contact info@southernfortunefishing.com.

When measuring and weighing a fish, Anglers should be certain of any object or persons touching and/or obstructing the view of the fish. All measurements should be done with the tape measure pulled tight across the body to the nose.

Video must be taken from directly above the fish. Videos should start at the tail and finish over the mouth, with the entire measurement of the fish in frame showing the requirements during a measure and weigh-in. ALL FISH MOUTHS MUST BE RESTING. (We understand rigamortis takes place when properly iced). The Angler and the fish must remain in the videos at all times.

Fish are measured to the closest inch and must beat previous fish clearly to overtake spots on the leaderboard. The head must be completely connected to the body. If there is a disconnect visible in the submitted photos, the admins will review and determine if a penalty is to be assessed.

Video Submissions:

Two videos must be submitted and will be required to qualify a fish.

Blurred videos or pictures will not be accepted.

Each video must be continuous, showing the Angler and the fish at all times. No video clips or merged clips allowed.

Video #1 should be taken during the fish fight or directly after the fish is landed, still alive and/or with the hook in the fish’s mouth.

  1. The Angler must state their name, date and time while showing his/her face and the entire fish in the video.
  2. The Angler must state the type of species caught.
  3. The Angler must take a 360 degree video of the fish to ensure legitimacy of the hook & line catch.
  4. The Angler must take clear measurement of the fish, using a standard measuring tool.

Video #2 needs to be taken within 96 hours after the fish has been caught. This video must be done at one of the approved bait shops listed on the SFFT website, Southernfortunefishing.com. The qualifying fish must be weighed and measured using SFFT certified scales and measuring devices.

  1. The Angler must state their name, date and time while showing his/her face and the entire fish in the video.
  2. The Angler must state the type of species.
  3. The Angler must show a 360 degree view of the qualifying fish.
  4. The Angler must show the scale at 0.00 then weigh the fish, showing the scale results and the entire fish on the scale with no obstructions.
  5. The Angler must Measure the fish, showing the measurement results.
  6. The Angler must show the inside of the fish’s mouth.
  7. The Angler must gut the fish on site and check for any added weight.

Anglers must bring their own necessary supplies to perform these actions onsite in a clean, professional manner.

Failure to upload Video #1 and Video #2 within the 96-hour period after the fish has been caught will disqualify the fish from being included in the tournament.

If an Angler encounters an issue uploading a photo or video to the SFFT platform, they must immediately notify the SFFT Administration within the 48-hour period after the fish has been caught by email: info@southernfortunefishing.com

The SFFT Administration will do their best to handle any issues that arise during the course of the tournament, however, it is each Angler’s responsibility to have a properly functioning camera or cell phone whenever they are fishing during the tournament and to properly submit photos and videos through the SFFT platforms. It is in the Angler’s best interest to take multiple photos or videos of the fish that clearly shows the length and weight of the fish, and from numerous angles to help protect yourself and your entry in the event of an official length/measurement dispute/challenge.

Judging The Submitted Fish

Tournament pictures and videos will be judged by the SFFT Administration who will have the right to declare any photos and/or videos unacceptable. It is highly recommended that all Anglers submit detailed photos and videos to avoid the potential rejection by the SFFT Administration. You can find examples of submitted videos on the SFFT website, Southernfortunefishing.com.

Once the tournament is completed on July 31, the winner for each species will be selected by the SFFT Administration. The winners’ names will be posted on the SFFT website, Southernfortunefishing.com and Social Media on August 1. Once posted, any Angler who desires to challenge the results posted on the website will have until 5PM on August 4, to contact the SFFT Administration by email. This message to the SFFT Administration should state the specific reason(s) for the challenge. The SFFT Administration will review all challenges and any decision made shall be deemed final at their sole and absolute discretion. Note that in the event of a tie in the weight of a species, the longest length fish of such species shall be the winner.

Following the announcement of the winners, there will be an awards ceremony in August; time and location TBD.

All Anglers are expected to police themselves and the other competitors during the Tournament. Dishonest or improper measurements will result in an administrative vote for measurement correction in addition to additional corrective action leading up to permanent expulsion from the tournament. It is a violation of Federal Law to cheat in any tournament where there is a financial reward to the participants. The SFFT Administration reserves the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to request a winner of the Tournament to submit to a polygraph exam relating to the Tournament which exam will be administered by a professional at the expense of the SFFT Administration. All Anglers have agreed in the registration process to submit to a polygraph exam if requested.


The Angler with the most FIRST PLACE species wins at the end of the tournament will be awarded Southern Fortune Fishing Tournament’s TOP DOG.

Winners shall receive eighty (80%) percent of the aggregate Entry Fees paid by all Anglers who participate in the Tournament divided evenly between the 30 species winners. Each winner will pay their respective State and Federal taxes on their winnings.

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