When planning a boating trip it’s easy to forget things or overlook what you should have brought. Like going to the store and forgetting your wallet, it can lead to stress, setbacks, and making a peaceful boating trip a little more chaotic. We’ve gone ahead and gathered what you should bring on your trip whether it be safety items, boating tools, or just plain fun. 

Keeping It Legal

Whether this is your first time out on a boat or a hundred, you should be aware of all the mandatory legalities you are required to have onboard. You might run into problems if you don’t fulfill all the legislation, and that might even put an end to your boating adventure. Keep in mind that you should research the legislation for your intended destination; just in case it is any different, the key is to be prepared.

  • IDs and Documents: You will need a current boat registration and a license for operating the boat. More or less, it’s as if you were driving a car.
  • Safety Equipment: Safety equipment is also required by law, and it includes fire extinguishers, horns, flares, and other boating safety equipment that must be on board.
  • Life Jackets: These are a huge requirement, and they are mandatory for each person that’s on the boat.
  • Boating Equipment and Electronics: Safety inspections require full boat navigation and electronics equipment to be on board and operational. Some of these items are nautical charts, GPS devices, and cell phones. If you are in need of any equipment or electronics you can check out our service page and see how we can help you!

Keeping It Safe

While the items listed above are mandatory for your boating outing, there are some more safety items you can use that are not mandatory.

  • First Aid Kit: Go through your boating first aid kit and revise what’s in there. While the bandages, gauze, and antiseptic cream should already be there, you can add a few more things like motion sickness medication, especially if someone is traveling by boat for the first time. Add some antihistamine medicine for allergies, decongestants, and pain medication. You should always have something for a fever. Don’t forget to bring your medication if you have it prescribed by the doctor. It is very important to check if you need any vaccines for the area you are traveling to. Insect repellent is also a big must-have on board.
  • Sunscreen: Look, being from Florida sometimes we forget the sunscreen and we greatly regret it when we realize we forgot it. Always keep some on hand just in case.
  • Dry Bag: Obviously when you’re boating you’re on the water and things are going to get wet. Make sure you have a bag you can put items in that you don’t want to get wet! This is also good for any documents you need to have on you while on the water.
  • Hoodies: Just because it feels like Summer here in Florida until December doesn’t mean a hoodie isn’t a good investment to have while on the water. It tends to get cold especially at certain hours and it’s a good comfort item to have to not ruin the fun.

Keeping It Fun

After you’ve packed all the legal and safety items you need, now it’s time to plan the fun! This is obviously my favorite part, and most people’s favorite part. Some boats have limited space, but these next items are good for any sized boat!

  • Camera: I’m all for taking in your surroundings and remembering things just as memories, but sometimes you see a huge fish or something really cool and you wish you had your camera. Make sure you have one on board so you can capture those moments!
  • Music: A must in my book. Nothing like cruising on the water and listening to your favorite music. Just be mindful of those around you. While you might be hyped to listen to your favorite music the boat next to you might not be.
  • Chargers: Having things die on you while out on the water is such a bad feeling. Make sure you have chargers, such as portable chargers, so you can keep things up and running without the stress!
  • Snacks: Finally the thing on everyone’s mind. We all know as soon as we start talking about what to bring on the boat snacks are the #1 priority. Chances are I didn’t have to remind you about the snacks, they were already on your boat as soon as you started planning. Snacks make the world go around, always have them in stock!

Not everyone is the same, and we are sure that you will find lots of stuff that you can’t live without, but these are some essential boating accessories you shouldn’t forget when packing for your boating trip. And the most important thing, don’t forget your adventurous spirit!



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