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Tarpon fishing, the Silver King of Florida waters, is a sought-after game fish that puts up an unmatched fight. These migratory fish are most abundant along the Gulf Coast, from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys, particularly around Boca Grande, which is considered the “Tarpon Capital of the World.”

Best Seasons for Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon start migrating to Florida waters in April, with the season peaking from May to July. However, in the southernmost parts of the state, like the Florida Keys, Tarpon can be caught throughout the year.

Fishing Techniques

Tarpon can be targeted using a variety of techniques. Including live bait fishing, artificial lures, and fly fishing. Crabs and mullet are popular live baits, while streamer flies are often used in fly fishing.

Tarpon Fishing Fun Fact

Tarpon are known for their spectacular leaps and acrobatics when hooked, often leading to an exhilarating “Tarpon Rodeo.” They can reach sizes over 8 feet and 280 pounds.

Photo Credit: Reel-Adventures Fishing Charters – Boca Grande, FL



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