An Introduction to Bonefishing Angling

Elusive bonefish angling is trickier than one would expect. They’re often referred to as the “grey ghost of the flats,” and have long captivated the interest of Florida’s anglers. Renowned for their speed and strength. They’ve earned their reputation as one of the top targets for fly and light tackle enthusiasts. Mostly found in the shallow flats of the Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay, bonefish provide an unrivalled sight-fishing experience.

When to Fish for Bonefish

Bonefish are prevalent in Florida’s waters all year, but their activity peaks in the warmer months, from May to October. During these months, bonefish feed more aggressively and can often be found tailing in shallow waters. Making for some truly exciting angling opportunities.

Techniques for Bonefishing Angling

Bonefish are known to be elusive and spook easily, so stealth and accurate casting are paramount when targeting them. Fly fishing with shrimp or crab imitations can be highly effective. For spin fishers, light tackle rigged with live shrimp, crabs or artificial jigs can also work well. Sight fishing for tailing bonefish in shallow water is considered one of the most thrilling forms of angling.

Bonefish Trivia

Despite their powerful fight and sportfishing appeal, bonefish are not typically sought for their table fare. Their flesh has a strong taste due to their diet. Many anglers strictly catch and release when bonefishing and prefer to catch other fish for dining.

Prepare for Your Bonefishing Adventure

While you can do some wade fishing in the flats, having a suitable vessel is key to reach the best bonefishing spots. It allows you to silently stalk these wary fish over extensive areas. As luck would have it, Black Label Marine Group has a plethora of center console fishing boats perfect for the job. With the entire lineup of Caymas, Sea Fox, and Finseeker boats, they offer a match for any angling style and budget. Visit their Florida locations in Ocala, Punta Gorda, and Clearwater or browse the complete Black Label Marine inventory online.

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