Discover Flounder Fishing

Flounder fishing, a quirky-looking yet scrappy fish, is a favorite among Floridian anglers. Known for their unique flat bodies and both eyes located on one side, flounders are intriguing and rewarding to catch. They reside along both the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of Florida, lurking near bridges, jetties, and on the sandy or muddy bottoms of inlets and estuaries.

Flounder Fishing Seasons

While flounder can be caught throughout the year, the best time to target them is during their fall migration from September to November. This is when the largest specimens are usually caught as they move from the inshore waters to the ocean to spawn.

How to Catch Them Darn Flounders

Flounder fishing requires a bit of patience, as these masters of disguise blend with the bottom and wait for prey. They respond well to live bait such as mullet, shrimp, or mud minnows. Rigging your bait on a Carolina rig and slowly dragging it along the bottom is a proven technique. Jigs tipped with a strip of squid or a soft plastic bait can also be very effective.

Fun Fact about Flounders

Flounders are born with an eye on each side of their head, but as they mature, one eye migrates to the other side, resulting in both eyes on one side of the body. This adaptation allows them to lay flat on the seabed while keeping an eye out for both predators and prey.

Set Sail for Your Flounder Fishing Expedition

Exploring Florida’s coastal waters for flounder requires a reliable boat. Thankfully, you can find an outstanding selection of fishing vessels at Black Label Marine Group. With a variety of center console boats from top-tier brands like Caymas, Sea Fox, and Finseeker, they ensure your angling experience is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Visit them in Ocala, Punta Gorda, or Clearwater, or explore their comprehensive online selection.

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