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As the sun rises over Florida’s calm waters, your line suddenly tugs, and your heart races. That’s the thrill of catching a Jack Crevalle! Known for their fierce fight and lively nature, these fish promise an adrenaline rush for anglers of all levels.

Top Fishing Spots for Jack Crevalle

  1. The Keys: With clear waters and abundant marine life, the Florida Keys are a hotspot.
  2. Tampa Bay: Famous for diverse fishing opportunities.
  3. Indian River Lagoon: This pristine lagoon hosts large schools of Jack Crevalle.
  4. Everglades National Park: A natural wonder where you can encounter Jack Crevalle and other wildlife.

Best Seasons to Fish

Jack Crevalle are available year-round in Florida. However, spring and fall fishing seasons offer the best chances due to moderate water temperatures and an abundance of baitfish.

Gear and Techniques for Jack Crevalle Fishing

  • Rods and Reels: Medium-heavy spinning or baitcasting rods paired with strong, durable reels.
  • Line: Use 20-30 lb braided line to handle their powerful runs.
  • Lures: Topwater plugs, spoons, and jigs work great. They are aggressive and strike a variety of lures.
  • Bait: Live bait like mullet, pinfish, and pilchards are highly effective.


  1. Topwater Action: Jack Crevalle love explosive topwater strikes. Use poppers and surface lures to attract them.
  2. Chumming: Create a chum slick with cut bait to draw them near your boat.
  3. Drift Fishing: Let your bait drift with the current to cover more area and increase your chances.
  4. Sight Fishing: Look for schools near the surface, often indicated by diving birds.

Responsible Fishing Practices

While fun to catch, Jack Crevalle aren’t typically valued for their taste. Practice catch and release to help maintain healthy fish populations. Handle the fish minimally, use barbless hooks, and release them quickly to ensure they swim away strong.

Reeling It In

Florida’s diverse and vibrant waters make it a premier destination for anglers seeking the thrill of catching Jack Crevalle. With the right spots, gear, and techniques, you’re well on your way to an unforgettable fishing adventure. And for the perfect vessel to enhance your trip, check out Black Label Marine Group. Their phenomenal boats are designed to provide you with the ultimate fishing experience, making your next adventure even more memorable. So, grab your gear, hit the water, and get ready for a fight you won’t soon forget!


What’s the best time of day to fish for Jack Crevalle?

Early morning and late afternoon are prime times, as they are more active during these periods.

Can Jack Crevalle be eaten?

While they are edible, they are not usually considered a desirable food fish due to their strong, oily taste.

Do I need a fishing license to catch Jack Crevalle in Florida?

Yes, a Florida fishing license is required for both residents and non-residents fishing for Jack Crevalle.



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