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Florida’s waters offer some of the most exciting fishing opportunities in the world. With a diverse array of fish species, anglers of all skill levels can find something to challenge and delight them. Here’s a guide to the top ten fish to catch in Florida, complete with the best locations and techniques to reel them in.

1. Tarpon

Often referred to as the “silver king of sportfish,” tarpon are highly prized for their incredible fighting ability. These fish can tolerate a wide range of salinities, making them a common sight throughout Florida’s waters. Additionally, Tarpon are found in both coastal and inland waters, making them a favorite among anglers who enjoy a good fight.

  • Best Locations: Boca Grande and the Florida Keys.
  • Techniques and Bait: Live bait, artificial lures, and fly fishing.

2. Sailfish

Florida’s official state saltwater fish, the sailfish, is known for its high, acrobatic jumps and striking appearance, highlighted by a long, high first dorsal fin. These fish usually travel alone or in small groups and are a favorite among blue-water anglers for their impressive battles.

  • Best Locations: Florida Keys and Miami.
  • Techniques and Bait: Trolling with live bait or lures.

3. Spotted Sea Trout

Commonly known as speckled trout, spotted sea trout are a schooling species often found in the shallow waters of bays and estuaries. With two large canine teeth in the upper jaw, they feed mainly on shrimp and small baitfish in grassy areas. These trout are a top choice for sport fishing in Florida.

  • Best Locations: Gulf Coast, Indian River Lagoon.
  • Techniques and Bait: Topwater plugs, saltwater flies, shrimp, and small baitfish.
spotted sea trout

4. Snook

Snook are highly sensitive to changes in water temperature, thriving in Florida’s warmer waters. Known for their strength and predatory nature, snook are a thrill to catch and are known to shred fishing lines with their powerful runs.

  • Best Locations: South Florida, Everglades, Tampa Bay.
  • Techniques and Bait: Light tackle, live bait, and artificial lures.

5. Red Drum (Redfish)

Also known as redfish, red drum are a shallow-water schooling fish often found in both salt and brackish water. They can be identified by their lack of chin barbels and their elongated body with a distinctive large black spot near the tail. This species has seen a resurgence thanks to conservation efforts.

  • Best Locations: Mosquito Lagoon, Tampa Bay, Indian River Lagoon.
  • Techniques and Bait: Live shrimp, cut bait, artificial lures.
red drum

6. Largemouth Bass

Florida’s official freshwater fish, the largemouth bass, has an international reputation and attracts anglers from around the world. Known for their impressive size and aggressive nature, largemouth bass can be found in many of Florida’s lakes and rivers, offering a thrilling challenge for anglers.

  • Best Locations: Lake Okeechobee, St. Johns River.
  • Techniques and Bait: Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, live bait.
largemouth bass

7. Panfish

Panfish is a general term that includes species such as spotted sunfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, redear sunfish, and warmouth. These fish are popular among young anglers and are known for their accessibility and ease of catching.

  • Best Locations: Freshwater lakes and rivers throughout Florida.
  • Techniques and Bait: Worms, popping bugs, spinnerbaits.
pan fish

8. Grouper

Grouper is a generic name for several deepwater species, including red grouper and gag grouper (sometimes called black grouper). In addition, these bottom dwellers are highly sought after by both recreational and commercial fishermen. Primarily during the cooler months when they can be caught in shallower waters.

  • Best Locations: Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Coast.
  • Techniques and Bait: Bottom fishing, trolling with artificial lures.

9. Snapper

Snapper, particularly red snapper, are an offshore species that are highly valued for their delicious taste. These fish are usually found at depths ranging from 60 to 440 feet and have benefited from conservation measures that have helped their populations rebound.

  • Best Locations: Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic.
  • Techniques and Bait: Bottom fishing with live or cut bait.
red snapper

10. Mackerel

The mackerel family includes both King mackerel and Spanish mackerel, both of which are top predators in the ocean. As a result, King mackerel are particularly popular in fishing tournaments and are known for their speed and strength.

  • Best Locations: Western Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico.
  • Techniques and Bait: Trolling with live bait, artificial lures.
king mackerel

Bringing It All Together

With Florida’s rich fishing opportunities, you’re sure to have an incredible time chasing these top ten fish. Whether you’re after the acrobatic sailfish or the mighty tarpon, having the right boat can make all the difference. Black Label Marine Group offers a range of boats perfect for your next fishing adventure. Equip yourself with a reliable vessel, and head out to explore Florida’s abundant waters. Ready to make your next fishing trip unforgettable? Check out the selection at Black Label Marine Group today!

What is the best season for fishing in Florida?

Spring and fall are generally good for a variety of species, offering milder weather and abundant fish.

Do I need a fishing license in Florida?

Yes, most anglers in Florida need a fishing license. Residents and visitors can purchase freshwater or saltwater licenses, or a combination of both.

What are some common regulations I should be aware of when fishing in Florida?

Florida has specific regulations to ensure sustainable fishing practices. These include size and bag limits, seasonal closures, and specific gear restrictions. Always consult the FWC regulations before heading out to fish, as these rules are regularly updated to reflect current conservation needs.



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