Spotting the Spotted Seatrout in Florida

Getting to Know Spotted Seatrout

Spotted Seatrout fishing, often simply called “speckled trout,” is a beloved inshore species for many Florida anglers. Their beautiful silver bodies, speckled with distinctive black spots, make them easily recognizable. The inshore waters along both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, especially the grass flats and estuaries, are fantastic habitats for these fish.

Best Times to Catch Seatrout

Spotted seatrout can be caught throughout the year in Florida, but they are particularly active during spring and fall. Larger “gator” trout are commonly caught in late winter and early spring.

Spotted Seatrout Fishing Techniques

Spotted Seatrout are predatory fish and respond well to a variety of live and artificial baits. Live shrimp, pinfish, or mullet can be very effective. They also readily strike soft plastic jigs, topwater plugs, and spoons. Anglers often wade or drift across grass flats, casting their baits near potholes and drop-offs where trout are likely to be lurking.

A Dash of Spotted Seatrout Trivia

Despite their name, Spotted Seatrout are not a true trout. They belong to the drum family, which includes the Redfish, another popular Florida species.

Planning Your Spotted Seatrout Fishing Expedition

While wade fishing can be rewarding, having a sturdy boat will let you access a variety of promising habitats and significantly increase your chances of hooking a trophy trout. For this purpose, Black Label Marine Group can set you up with the perfect fishing boat from their broad array of center console options. Brands like Caymas, Sea Fox, and Finseeker are waiting for you at their locations in Ocala, Punta Gorda, and Clearwater. Alternatively, peruse their full inventory online and find your dream fishing boat from the comfort of home.

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